The Process of Cosmetic Repair
The first action is to assess the damage and the suitability for a cosmetic repair [also known as SMART repair], our highly trained technicians will advise you of the best way forward. Once agreed that a repair of this type is suitable we first remove the tyre from the wheel to allow full access to the damage. The wheel is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of wax or silicon from the damaged area, this will ensure a first-rate adhesion when the final paint is applied.

The second stage is the careful removal of the damage using varying degrees of sanding media; where a piece has been knocked out of the wheel metal fillers will be used to repair the profile before being sanded back to match.

Following this a fully colour matched wet paint is applied and blended into to the rest of the wheel to show no discernible edge, this is then sealed using a lacquer to ensure the continued lustre and longevity of the finish.

Finally the tyre is refitted, the wheel balanced and then fitted back to your vehicle.

To find out if your wheel is suitable for a cosmetic repair then please discuss with our technician