Wheel Re-Engineering

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels were previously exclusive to prestige marques, such as BMW, Porsche, Range Rover and Mercedes. Today however most leading manufacturers offer Diamond Cut Wheels across more and more of their cars.
Diamond Cut Wheels (the face of the wheel looks like a CD) can now be repaired and refinished, in less than 48 hours and exclusive to SWRSI OMAN. With advance booking, a same day service is also available. As you would expect from us at SWRSI OMAN, pricing is competitive, with the added benefit of eliminating the high cost, time and inconvenience of packing and sending wheels to our misfah factory.

Unlike others, at SWRSI OMAN we focus on repairing any damage rather than replacing costly body panels and bumpers; preserving a cars originality and ensuring repairs are completed more quickly and cost effectively.

An approach that saves you time, inconvenience and helps to avoid expensive insurance claims and the impact that has on increased premiums and the loss of valuable no-claims discount. This is also better for the environment, as no damaged panels or plastic bumpers go landfill.