Remember the “Twinpala,” the Chevrolet Impala that Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa Frankensteined into a twin-engine monstrosity on an earlier episode of HOT ROD Garage? It’s back and built to the hilt. The last time you saw the car, the guys took the drivetrain out of a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (another V-8, front-wheel-drive car) and crammed it in the trunk to make the Impala AWD, twin-engine, and 600 hp. After tons of opposite-driving burnouts, they put it away until they could come up with a plan to make it crazier.

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That plan turned into boost. With the help of two turbos and a spaghetti bowl of pipes, that 600 hp is now jacked up to about 1,000 hp. The transmissions had no chance of survival, so to make sure Tony didn’t oil-down the track again like he did in episode 69 of Roadkill, Gearstar pitched in with a pair of 4T65e transmissions. With the car all buttoned up it, was time to head to Maple Grove Raceway and test their metal.

On street tires, the car put down a 10.48 at 137.7 mph—not bad at all for a redneck Bugatti Veyron. “It’s a super-wild episode,” Tony said. “We shot and raced the car at my shop outside Philadelphia, and it should be a big one.” They even run against a HOT ROD Drag Week competitor in his 1956 Chevy. See some of that shootout and all of the antics on the latest episode of HOT ROD Garage, and if you want to see the car in person, head out to Holley LS Fest from September 6–8 at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. More info on that will be coming to soon!

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