Imagine you’re in a dusty city with a population of almost 80,000 people that covers a land mass pretty close to the size of downtown San Francisco. You know there are more than 600 unique and interesting vehicles worth seeking out but they are hard to find at any given moment.

That was the task we set ourselves as we hunted down some of the best Mutant Vehicles (formerly known as Art Cars) at this year’s Burning Man extravaganza on the Playa at Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada.

Mutant Vehicle owners are expected to share the experience with all Burners and to that end they give free rides to anyone who wants to take one, if space permits. Many of them have on-board bars and even dance floors while others can only accommodate one or two guests. Some of this year’s highlights include Henry Chang’s giant Flux Capacitor which is always a big favorite as well as David Cox’s fire-breathing dragon, named Torch, which is built on a Chevy Astro and a more simple two-story MV based on a Chevy Suburban. Check out some of the most impressive MVs at this year’s Burning Man in the gallery below!

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