Mike Walsh owns and operates The Early Vette Shop in Shohola, Pennsylvania—a quaint mountain town that’s become a hot rodder’s home away from home for his supportive customers and good friends. Mike keeps the shop rollin’ along and on course with his brother and partner, Joe Erven. Raised in New Jersey, the twosome have taken to the relaxed Shohola way of life, but what’s even more interesting is the fact that Shohola has taken to them.

The hot rodding scene is alive and kicking in Northeast Pennsylvania, and these two guys are a big part of the reason. The pair of Chevy fanatics can be regularly seen on the back roads around town flogging one of their recent Corvette builds, hot rod rebuilds, or muscle car makeovers.

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Though they are plastic Chevy guys through and through, Mike and Joe don’t discriminate, and own and operate cars of a variety of makes and models. Key principles here: the cars gotta have some power underhood and must have the bones needed to carve through the twisty backroads and curvy bi-ways that dominate their locale. Over the years, the guys have amassed one helluva collection of muscle cars, rare parts, and cool auto-related collectibles.

Although classic Corvettes and pertinent parts are the highlight, the guys have taken in pretty much what they could get their paws on. Check them out here.

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