When the 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 was revealed in July, the brand assured us that two golf bags could fit in the trunk. Chevy brought two golf bags to the Southern California event to prove it, but they were smaller and less bulky than your average bag. Given our exclusive access to the mid-engine Corvette, we brought two real-life golf bags and a few suitcases to see what you can actually fit in the trunk and the frunk. This is what we found.



Yes, two golf bags actually fit in the trunk

My Taylor Made golf bag, which has a stand and was carrying a full set of clubs and a pair of golf shoes in one of the side pockets, fit with no problem. But on top of that we were able to fit Ed Loh’s wife’s bag, which also had a stand and a full set of clubs. The hatch closed with no problem, and we didn’t have to position the bags in a specific way—simply put one bag on top of the other and hit the fairways.

One medium-sized carry-on in the trunk

Depending on the size of your bag, you’ll be able to fit at least one medium-sized carry-on in the Corvette’s trunk. Features editor Scott Evans brought his Away carry-on along with another medium-sized bag. We couldn’t fit both bags in the trunk, as one of the suitcases was a bit too wide for the trunk to close. If you bring a smaller carry-on, you should be able to fit that along with a medium-sized carry-on. We also tried to fit one bag that you’d usually check at the airport, but it wouldn’t fit.

Frunk is only for duffle and carry-ons


The front trunk—or frunk, as we like to call it—can only fit regular-sized duffle bags and carry-ons. Although it’s pretty deep, it’s not big enough for a bag that you’d usually check at the airport. Still, you can fit a medium-sized carry-on and a duffle bag on top of it with no problem.

Folding chairs for soccer games

The trunk can also accommodate five folding chairs, depending on the size. But if you plan to go watch your kid’s soccer game, you’ll be able to do it in style with your mid-engine Corvette C8. If you bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, that should also fit in the trunk.

In general, we found the space in the trunk and the frunk to be pretty generous, but you’ll have to catch another ride if you’re travelling with a big bag.

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