You’re probably familiar with Hennessey Performance by now. The small tuning firm based out of Sealy, Texas, is responsible for some of the most incredible (read: ridiculous) powertrains in recent memory. John Hennessey and his team of tuners are responsible for cars like the 1,000-hp Chevy Camaro ZL1 Exorcist and the Hennessey Venom GT, but now they want to set their sights on something that doesn’t have an engine at all. Hennessey has just announced that it’s going to start tuning the all-electric Porsche Taycan.

At first the company says it will be focusing on cosmetic upgrades to the Hennessey Porsche Taycan. That means wheels, tires, interior modifications, front and rear bumpers, suspension components, and brakes are all fair game. Then, the Hennessey team will see about adding more power. This move to electric vehicles doesn’t mean they’re giving up on the internal combustion engine—far from it. But just as Horacio Pagani is thinking of an electrified supercar for his company’s future, John Hennessey is considering electrification for the future of his company.

Why start with this Porsche and not its obvious EV competitors at Tesla? John Hennessey said he’s thought about it, but wanted to start fresh.

“Nearly all of our clients still want raw, powerful ICE engines. But some of them have begun to add an EV to their collections for daily driver duties,” Hennessey told us. “The Tesla line has been around for a while. We wanted to start with a brand new platform, and given Porsche’s extensive experience in racing and building sports cars, we thought that their Taycan would be an excellent platform from which to start. We may consider working with a future Tesla model at some point.”

Hennessey also said his customers haven’t specifically requested his company tune the Taycan, but chances are that’ll change once they catch wind of what he’s got in store for the electric Porsche.

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