In the grand scheme of automotive history, Koenigsegg hasn’t been around for very long. Founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg, its mission has been simple: make some of the fastest, most ferocious cars the world has ever seen. The company first gained mass attention when Jeremy Clarkson called the CCX the “scariest car in the world,” and the Stig subsequently crashed it during its hot lap.

Since then, ever more powerful variants have left the production facility, which occupies a former Swedish air squadron hangar in Ängelholm, Sweden, and the lineup has gotten pretty difficult to follow. Especially if you count all the one-offs and special editions. After the CC–and all of its subsequent variants–came the Agera, the Regera, and most recently the Jesko, named in honor of Christian’s father.

Some would say the Agera RS is currently the fastest production car in the world at 277.87 mph. Yes, the Bugatti Veyron SS 300+ recently broke the 300-mph barrier, but the Bug only did the run in one direction.

Whether that officially makes it the fastest car in the world is entirely up to you. But no matter how you look at top speed records, all Koenigseggs are fast with a capital F. This Agera XS–a special edition made for millionaire and Miami native Kris Singh–is no exception. The XS makes 1,360 hp and more than 1,000 lb-ft of torque and costs a cool $5 million.

To get an idea of just what that much power is like, check out the video above to watch Jonny Lieberman take the XS for a quick spin on the streets of Miami. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t end up saying much, the car speaks for itself.

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