We love and miss Suzuki in North America. The global auto show circuit reminds us of that when we are teased with goodies like the Jimny that other parts of the world get while we lust from afar.

Suzuki is great at cute and quirky and downright awesome. Sometimes the automaker does it with styling. In the case of the Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room, they grabbed us with the name and its purpose.

The vehicle is minivan based. But, in partnership with Combi Corporation that makes baby products, the idea is downright nurturing.

The Combi concept car was designed to provide privacy for nursing moms. Yup, this is essentially a lactation station. There are privacy shades and curtains so if you are rocking it with your baby at an outdoor heavy metal or J-pop concert, you can escape the public eye at feeding time.

The van also provides a haven to change diapers in case of an emergency or natural disaster where evacuation is necessary. There is a sliding diaper change bed in the cargo area with a storage box for a wipe warmer to keep those baby buns toasty. Like at a doctor’s office, there is a rolling sheet of paper to keep the little angels from soiling the bed.

All of this loving care is packaged into a kei-car commercial vehicle.

The Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room was one of five concepts Suzuki showed at the Tokyo Motor Show, as the automaker prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2020.

Other birthday presents include the Waku Spo retro-cool two-seater plug-in hybrid, Suzuki Hanare autonomous living room on wheels, and a pair of Hustler kei-crossover concepts based on the four-door off-road vehicle.

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