Why do we love the Tokyo Motor Show so much? Because before we’ve had our first cup of green tea, Suzuki is explaining that the theme for its display this year is, “Waku Waku Switch for Everyone: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone.”

In Suzuki-speak, that means five very different small concept cars—known as kei cars—ranging from off-road and customizable family vehicles, to a mobile breastfeeding station and a living room on wheels.

Here are the Suzuki concept cars we saw at Tokyo Motor Show 2019:

Waku Spo

This cool two-seater microcar is retro and customizable. The little A-segment car is a plug-in hybrid and is billed as a family vehicle that can be transformed to meet all tastes.

The body shape, face, and what is displayed on the dash can all be changed by flipping a switch. The version shown in Tokyo is a two-tone coupe with cameras for side mirrors.


Hanare means “detached cottage” in Japanese. In the case of this kei van concept, it means self-driving living room, or a box on wheels that has a weird resemblance to a VW bus from the ‘60s. It has tiny windows and a wheelbase that’s been stretched as wide as possible.

It’s pretty roomy for such a small vehicle, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative with the space. Disco ball and karaoke anyone? After all, Suzuki introduces this as a vehicle that could bring new delight to owning a car without the aggravation of having to actually drive it.

Hustler (times two)

Suzuki shows not one, but two, concepts based on the Hustler kei four-door crossover. One looks more like a wagon and is introduced with a pair of promises: “With this car, I can have more fun” and “With this car, every day will be more exciting.” Who can resist that?

The second is designed to be more of an off-roader. It uses decals, roof wraps, and a roof rack to up the fun factor. It’s no Suzuki Jimny, but it’s among the coolest concept cars of Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room

This kei minivan offers privacy for breastfeeding, warm wipes, and a diaper changing bed in the cargo area—perfect for private feedings at public events. The concept was created with help from the Combi Corporation that makes baby products.

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